Dark Music Days


Iceland’s oldest music festival will brighten the spirits of everyone battling through the darkest days of Iceland’s winter as the Dark Music Days return to the city this Thursday until Saturday.[more]

Intsikurmu Winter Festival 2018


Estonia’s largest music and arts festival returns for its winter celebration this weekend. The Intsikurmu Winter Festival starts at 6pm in Tallinn on Saturday 20th January.[more]

Economy of Migrant Labor exhibition


A collaboration between transnational radio collective Bridge Radio and a group of 12 migrants has resulted in the exhibition ‘Economy of Migrant Labor’ which opens this Friday night at 6pm and runs until 19th May. [more]

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ARS BALTICA supports cultural cooperation within the Baltic Sea Region and beyond, advocates for the significance of arts and culture on the political level and promotes cultural life around the Baltic Sea. 

ARS BALTICA sees itself as a cultural framework, gathering and offering information on different aspects within the arts and culture sector through network-building and by supporting the implementation of multilateral cultural projects. Since its foundation in 1999 it has been maintaining tight links with the Council of the Baltic Sea States (CBSS).

POLICY AREA CULTURE was established in 2013 within the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region (EUSBSR) and aims to promote the Baltic Sea area as a common cultural region. It is coordinated by the ministries of culture of Poland and Land Schleswig-Holstein (Germany) with the support of its implementation from ARS BALTICA and the Nordic Council of Ministers.

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BSR Cultural Mobility Funding Guide

The BSR Cultural Mobility Funding Guide is a joint On The Move and ARS BALTICA initiative. The guide is your handy tool to navigate through the great pool of cultural mobility funding opportunities in all eleven BSR countries.
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An introduction to the CCL project.
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