Battle of EST Street Dance Festival

07.12.2017 |

If you love street dance and feel like a feast of breakdancing would hit the spot, get yourself to Tartu this weekend for all the action of BoE17 - Battle of Est.

Battle of Est is considered to be ‘the greatest dance battle in Northern Europe’ and few street dancing fans will disagree. This year, Tartu hosts the 17th edition of the festival and the programme is no less exciting than previous years.

Some of the world’s top dance crews have made the journey to compete with the best of the best - to secure their title or knock the reigning champ off the podium. The only festival of its kind in the Baltic States, BoE17 is a world class competition offering an adrenaline filled feast of incredible dance battles, crazy tricks and inspiring moments for up and coming dancers.

The battle pre-selections start at 11am on Saturday morning and will run throughout the day until 5pm. Sections include Junior crews, solo dancers, boy vs girl and all style dance battles. Dancers from Tunisia, France, Russia Egypt, Japan, Finland, Belarus, Ukraine, Estonia of course and many more countries will compete, showcasing how dance truly transcends borders. 

The finals will be held on the main stage from 6pm at the Vanemuine Concert Hall. For fans from Tallin, there is a dedicated fan bus shuttling attendees to the event. Tickets must be booked via email to buss(via) and are €10 return pre-sale or €15 on the day. Be sure to include name, departure city (Tallin or Tartu) and whether you need one way or return and what time you plan to travel. Registrations have now closed for participants but you can buy tickets online for €18 until tomorrow, and then €20 on Friday.

Battle of Est will be held this Saturday 9th December at the Vanemuine Concert Hall in Tartu, Estonia. The event is presented by Lauma Medical and EBL and detailed information including ticketing, bus reservations and programme information is available here on the event’s Facebook page.

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