CAMERIMAGE International Film Festival

13.11.2017 |

CAMERIMAGE kicked off on Saturday in Bydgoszcz, Poland and will run all week, closing on the 18th. This international event is held annually and is dedicated specifically to the art of cinematography, acknowledging the technical, creative and visual art skills involved in filmmaking.

CAMERIMAGE is a film festival, though one that takes a less conventional approach than most. It recognises cinematography specifically, by recognising film as the outcome of a huge array of steps, techniques and processes. The festival hones in on the specific art of visually capturing the story on film, as opposed to the attention other festivals give to the film as a composite piece.

It is the greatest festival of its kind and has attracted numerous high-profile industry professionals who have made their mark both in their home country and on the international stage. The festival recognises the visual, aesthetic, creative and technical values of a piece of work, thereby affirming cinematography as a key industry within its own right.

The festival not only screens and awards films for their cinematographic merit, it also offers young and emerging filmmakers opportunities to engage with other industry professionals and gradually affirm their own position in the global filmmaking community. Those attending can discover new techniques, developments and technological advancements through the festival’s programme of workshops, seminars, exhibitions and filmmaker meet and greets.

The awards section of the festival recognises achievements by Polish film makers, film students, documentary filmmakers and debut works. The festival is held at various venues around Bydgoszcz, Poland, including the Festival Centre at Opera Nova, Multikino, the University of Economy, and the City Cultural Centre MCK.

This year, American cinematographer John Toll will receive the Lifetime Achievement award and Australian filmmaker Phillip Noyce will receive the Lifetime Achievement Award for Directing. There will be a Q&A on Tuesday the 14th with American director, scriptwriter, and film producer David Lynch, after the screening of his film Twin Peaks.

The full programme is available to view here online.

CAMERIMAGE was launched on Saturday the 11th of November and will run through until Saturday the 18th of November. It will be held at various locations around Bydgoszcz, Poland. You can read more about the festival on the Camerimage website.

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