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The Creative Climate Leadership programme provides training to artists and cultural professionals to utilise their creative talents and entrepreneurial perspectives to take action on climate change. The next CCL workshop is coming up on October 8th in Koper, Slovenia.

The programme has been developed by 8 organisations who are pioneers in cultural leadership and regional development and all are engaged in some way to finding sustainable management strategies and solutions to the environmental challenges of the present day.

ARS BALTICA (Germany), COAL (France), Exit (Serbia), KRUG (Montenegro), Julie’s Bicycle and Mitos21 (UK), OnTheMove (Belgium) and PiNA (Slovenia) are the participating organisations and each bring their own unique form of expertise to the issues. The programme offers a platform for innovation on issues around culture and climate, but with a focus on encouraging leadership in these areas by artists and cultural professionals.

Slovenia’s representative PiNA will host the next workshop to be held this October and the program will cover 5 days of training and professional development. The goal of the program is to equip the participants with the capacity to take creative action in ways that will make an impact and be sustainable and to explore their professional capacity for action.

By increasing the understanding of the role of creative professions in facing the issues around climate change, participants will be able to take on leadership roles, integrate sustainability into their work and by example, encourage others to do the same.   

The Creative Climate Leadership training workshop will be held from Sunday 8th October to Saturday 14th October 2017 in Koper, Slovenia. You can read more about the programme on the CCL website.

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