European Poet of Freedom Literature Festival

18.03.2020 |

The 6th International Literary Festival European Poet of Freedom is moved from 19tth - 22nd March to the second half of June 2020.

The award aims at honouring and promoting phenomena in poetry that deal with one of the most crucial subjects for contemporary readers – freedom – and, at the same time, are characterized by outstanding artistic values. The award may be presented to a living poet from Europe – viewed according to its geographical criteria.

Each edition of the competition features shortlisted poets and authors from eight European countries. The shortlisted volumes are selected by members of the Award Committee from among proposals submitted by translators. Then, each volume is meticulously translated and published. During the Festival, which accompanies the award ceremony, the public has an opportunity to get to know the shortlisted authors in person and meet their translators. The main prize, awarded during the event, is PLN 100,000 for the poet and PLN 20,000 for the translator. An element of the programme of this year’s edition of the Festival will be the discussion about the creative freedom within various media and their impact on literature.

Poets and translators nominated for the Award:
Antoine Cassar (Malta) and Zuzanna Gawron for “Czterdzieści dni” [“Forty Days”]
Darko Cvijetić (Bosnia and Herzegovina) and Miłosz Waligórski for “Gęsia skóra” [“Goosebumps”]
Balša Brković (Montenegro) and Agnieszka Schreier for “Czarne boisko” [“Black Pitch”]
Inga Gaile (Latvia) and Agnieszka Smarzewska for “Wielkanoc” [“Easter”]
Sinéad Morrissey (Northern Ireland) and Magda Heydel for “O równowadze” [“On Balance”]
Jean Portante (Luxembourg) and Wawrzyniec Brzozowski for “Po trzęsieniu” [“After The Earthquake”]
Zwiad Ratiani (Georgia) and Magda Nowakowska for “Tobie wolno” [“Only You Are Allowed”]
Agnė Žagrakalytė (Lithuania) and Agnieszka Rebiałkowska for “Właśnie:” [“Here Is:”]

The Festival and the competition entitled ‘The European Poet of Freedom’ Literary Award is organized by the City of Gdańsk. Due to the safety of guests and participants of the International European Poet of Freedom Festival, the event, together with the Literary Award Gala of the City of Gdańsk, is moved to the second half of June.

More information about the festival can be found on the European Poet of Freedom website.




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