First Tallinn Biennale

01.07.2020 |

Tallinn Biennale, which will take place for the first time, will be opened in the Estonian capital on 2nd July with a major exhibition by street artist Edward von Lõngus titled "Doomsday Cathedral". Tallinn Biennale will take place between 2–30 July as a major summer art event with diverse events introducing the work of artists from Estonia and neighbouring countries across the capital and surroundings, offering visitors unforgettable experiences – exhibitions, exclusive gallery tours, meetings with artists and much more.

The first Tallinn Biennial kicks off in Estonian capital on 2 July 2020 and aims to fill the gap, geographically and institutionally, between the Kaunas, Riga and Helsinki Biennials. Tallinn Biennial will attract international attention to the local scene, present the work of artists to a broader public and through a curatorial standpoint will speak of issues relevant for today. Tallinn Biennial has grown out organically from Tallinn Art Week and is taking place for the first time in 2020 as a pilot. Staying small, curious and experimental, it is covering topics and themes that resonate across borders to offer a truly authentic view to the international art audience about the realities of current times from a number of Baltic and Nordic artists.

Tallinn Biennial is a chance to witness and experience the freshest works of contemporary art from across the Nordic and Baltic region. The aim is to offer a more underground look into the creative scene, where the need to experiment and express prevails over the need to be right or perfect.

The opening exhibition "Doomsday Cathedral" will take place in Ülemiste City, a technology hub built on the edge of a Soviet-era industrial district, which is a sight in itself. Unlike many major events cancelled this summer, the Biennale’s main exhibition and numerous other events will be physically open and it is possible to come to Estonia to enjoy them from many countries without having to go through quarantine

Find all the details about the programme and locations on the website. The biennale is organized by the Nordic Baltic Art Center NOBA MTÜ. 

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