Hidden Places: Community and a Life in Balance

15.08.2017 |

Every city has it’s highlights but what about its secrets? Visitors can see Aarhus from a different view point this week as the rooftop of Pakhusene in Aarhus Ø in transformed into a Zen like space. Experience the wonderful views and the calming effect of traditional Japanese activities of “Hidden Places: Community and a Life in Balance”.

Hidden Places is a strategic project as part of Aarhus 2017’s programme as the European Capital of Culture. It focused on Aarhus as a test platform in the lead up to 2017, to examine the mapping of cities from a citizen’s perspective and to reveal the hidden places through rethinking of urban spaces.

The impact of city life on the human brain has been researched recently by a Germany’s Heidelberg University. The research found that city dwellers experience higher stress levels and a broader range of mental illnesses, than those who live a simpler life away from the metropolitan chaos. The continuous exposure to stress has a chemical effect on city brains and counterbalancing this with relaxation and calm is important.

Every city has unique hidden spaces and the rooftop of the Pakhusene in Aarhus Ø is one such space. To allow visitors to experience this and enjoy a place of stillness, the Hidden Places organisation has created a calm and reflective space that uses the Japanese principles of Zen, further enhanced by the views over the Bay of Aarhus.

Visitors can visit the reflection room and enjoy various activities including Japanese martial arts, taiko-drumming, Bonsai Performances and DJs. There are also board games and kite making activities on offer, as well as tea ceremonies and readings of Haiku poems.

“Hidden places: community and a life in balance” is on now at Pakhusene in Aarhus and will close on Sunday 20th August 2017. Programme information and times for demonstrations and activities can be found here. More information about the organisation and its other initiatives is available here on the Hidden Places website (in Danish and English).

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"Culture includes not only culture and arts, but also the way of life and system of values. In this sense culture becomes the major power for intellectual renewal and human perfection." (European Council Report on European Cultural Policy)