International Conference “What’s Next?”: Future Roadmap for Creative Industries

03.11.2017 |

If you work in the creative industries and are looking for inspiration and direction then you need to be at Loftas Arts’ upcoming conference on November 9th in Vilnius, “What’s Next?”: Future Roadmap for Creative Industries.

The 2-day conference came together after analysis of trend reports from specialist agencies that delivered useful data on new technology and new models for creative businesses. The conference has an international focus with creative professionals, entrepreneurs and innovators from all over Europe and beyond invited to share their experiences, skills and wisdom.

The results of the trend analysis delivered specific trending topics that will provide the foundation for much of the conference’s content. These include #CoCreation, #SelfOptimisation, #Creative_Leadership, #NeuroMarketing, #Rurbanism, #Cryptocurrency, #Trendwatching, #ExperienceDesign, #Neurodesign, #Immersive_Technologies, #CreativeThinking, #CoLiving, #DigitalCommunities and #Gamification.  

The conference is divided into specific sections to allow attendees to learn in intellectual and practical ways. Keynote speakers in the #Learn section of the conference will present their unique take on new practices and trends specific to their business and sector. Practical skill development is the focus in the #ApplyHow? section and the key element of the conferences name – what’s next? – will be explored in panel sessions in the #inspire section of the conference. 

The conference aims to explore creativity in the context of innovation, technology and business models and how this can feed into and better innovate for stronger and more sustainable creative industries into the future.

The conference will welcome a range of international guest speakers for the keynote presentations including Jama Jurabaev from the UK on Immersive Technologies, Thomas Plantenga from the USA on Digital Communities, Clare McNally from Denmark on Creative Thinking and Artūras Rumiancevas and Andrius Grigorjevas & Gediminas Užkuraitis from Lithuania on Gamification and Trendwatching respectively.

Other highlights of the conference include networking opportunities at a breakfast event, an innovation & design showroom, and of course the essential conference afterparty.

What’s Next? will be held on the Thursday 9th and Friday 10th of November at LOFTAS Arts in Vilnius, Lithuania. You can read more about the conference and how to get tickets here online (in Lithuanian and English). There is also a What’s Next Conference Facebook event

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