Klaipeda Castle Jazz Festival

05.06.2018 |

The beginning of summer is of course a celebration throughout the Baltic region but in Lithuania it is celebrated every year with the Klaipeda Castle Jazz Festival. The festival kicks off this Thursday 7th June for 3 days of hopefully great weather and definitely fantastic jazz.

The Klaipeda Castle Jazz Festival was first held in 1994 and for the past more than 2 decades has been bringing the best of international jazz to the port at Klaipeda in the first weekend of summer each year. The festival has grown since its inception and this year more than 150 local and foreign musicians are featured in the programme, which will be enjoyed by over 30,000 people.

In this its 24th year, the festival will host more than a dozen performances and concerts along with workshops and a generally wonderful atmosphere in and around the Klaipeda Cruise Ship Terminal. Klaipeda Castle Jazz festival has been a wonderful contributor to the Lithuanian tourism industry and the local and national jazz industry as well. Festival president Inga GrubliauskienÄ— explains, "when I started to organize the jazz festival 15 years ago, I could not believe that this event would spread its wings and become so popular in KlaipÄ—da. It’s good to know that Klaipeda has become visible on the world jazz map due to great numbers of cultural tourists from foreign countries visiting the port city of Lithuania during the festival.” 

The festival theme is ‘Good Music For Good People’ and it is enjoyed as much by the musicians as it is by the fans who attend. Highlights include free concerts on each of the days of the festival and performances from Baltic artists from Latvia, Sweden, Denmark, Poland, and of course Lithuania, as well as from internationally renowned names such as Nik West, Furat Qaddouri and his band, made up of musicians from the UAE, Egypt and Lebanon, and Sweden’s Gunhild Carling.

Klaipeda Castle Jazz Festival will be held from Thursday 7th to Saturday 9th June 2018 at Klaipeda Cruise Ship Terminal in Klaipeda, Lithuania. The programme is available here on the website.

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