Screen City Biennal Stavanger, 17th – 30th October

10.10.2019 |

The Norwegian port city Stavanger is home to the first Nordic Art Biennial committed to the field of the expanded moving image. In this lively city the festival will present artworks in various formats at the crossroads between image, sound, new technologies, public and digital spaces.

Part of the festival will be a variety of presentations. Art installations will take up visible and invisible spaces and architectures, some taking up dialogues with site contextual issues and urban material features, others expanding and disappearing into the fjords.

An internationally diverse screening program will be presented at the local cinema SF Kino, online and via a curated video art channel for hotel rooms. The exhibition program also includes journeys through Stavanger’s urban environments, accompanied by mobile media. The journey’s will be fuided by audio and integrated moving images. The participants will experience Stavanger anew through media aesthetic overlays.

The Biennial’s live performance program is realised in collaboration with Stavanger’s local – and national scenic arts venues and presents live cinema performances stretching from experimentation with early cinematic techniques to new media live performances.

An online exhibition reflects the Screen City Biennial’s aim to be accessible beyond the geographic locality of Stavanger and further exhibition practices with the expanded moving image in online, mobile and hybrid presentation formats.

The Screen City Biennial’s Talks program expands through a string of public sessions, from artist talks to curatorial roundtables, keynotes and panel conversations. The program is well connected  with the Biennial’s Research Program and online Journal. It’s goal is to examine, elaborate and discuss various artistic and urban contextual aspects relating to the expanded moving image in public space.

This diversified and superbly curated programme promises to be a great addition to the Scandinavian and Nordic art scene. The festival runs from October 17th to 30th and will take place in Norway’s city of Stavanger. A full programme is available online.

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