Tallin Urban Lab

06.09.2017 |

The creative platform Urbiquity once again brings its urbanism residency programme to Tallin, with a week of activities and workshops scheduled all of next week in and around Tallin, Estonia.

Urbiquity was founded by Stefano Carnelli, Pablo Conejo and Mattias Malk and is a platform for bring together people from across the globe and from various disciplines, to explore and develop communities using an urbanist approach.

Urbanism itself explores the way people who live in towns and cities interact with each other in that context and with the built environment. Urbiquity explores the possibilities from critical and creative perspectives, using the knowledge and skills of professionals with a passion or specialisation in urbanism. This includes visual artists, architects, sociologists, anthropologists and more. Their diverse geographical backgrounds also make considerable contributions to the work, reflecting the multi-layered needs of societies across the spectrum.

Urbiquity is based in three cities – London, Tallin and Madrid – and their annual urban residencies are aimed at encouraging synergies whilst researching and revealing new insights that contribute to local discourse. The programme includes a range of activities aimed at documenting and mapping the data that is discovered then presenting it in exhibition in ways that promote exchange and development.    

The programme launches on Monday 11th September and participating urbanists will work together over the 7 days of the residency to identify and examine the specific struggles experienced by the city, specific to its location and environment. The residency will close with an exhibition of the week’s findings. 

Tallin Urban Lab will be held from Monday 11th September to Sunday 17th September 2017. For specific detail about what’s taking place, you can find more information here on their website in the ‘activities and workshops’ section. For the latest news and information check out their Facebook page.  

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