Vides Deja

02.08.2018 |

Vides Deja contemporary dance festival presents a unique and transformative approach to dance performance, and will launch this Sunday in Luznava, Latvia.

In 2018, Vides Deja will be held for the 8th consecutive year and the festival continues to go from strength to strength. It is not only a chance to get out and enjoy the warm summer days, but also to explore the true diversity of the Latvian contemporary dance scene.

Vides Deja’s focus is on site specific dance, with outdoor performances that are formed by the interplay between the surroundings and the objects within those spaces. The Latvian contemporary dance scene has developed this particular style in recent years and is establishing a reputation for this unique kind of choreography and dance performance.  

The performance pieces use local stories, intertwined with the natural features and layout of the performance space, to set a scene and provide a totally unique perspective to the telling of those stories.

The festival welcomes hundreds of attendees each year and is a wonderful opportunity for dancers and choreographers to perform in a style and space unlike any dance experience they may have had before. The festival is held on the grounds of the Luznava Manor inside the Rāzna National Park, as well as parts of Luznava itself. The park covers 24ha and throughout the 7 days of the festival will host formed and experimental dance performances, movie nights and a range of other events to keep the masses entertained. Workshops will also be held in movement techniques such as Feldenkrais and contemporary improvisation.    

Choreographers and dancers will work together to create site specific works from the 5th of August and the first public performances will be held on August 8th, running through to the festival closing on the 11th.

The Vides Deja festival will be held from Sunday 5th to Saturday 11th August, 2018 at Luznava Manor and surrounds in Luznava. The programme can be viewed here online.

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