10th European Creative Industries Summit

28.10.2020 |

The 10th European Creative Industries Summit (#ECIS2020) is a collaborative event of the European Creative Business Network (ECBN) and the German Forum Kultur und Kreativwirtschaft as part of the German EU-Presidency 2020. Summit's final conference day "Framing Creative Futures" will take place on 28 October at 10 am (CET) and will be streamed online.

The last day of this year's summit of the European creative industries "Framing Creative Futures" will take place in Berlin as part of the German EU Presidency and is the final political forum for shaping the future of our society and economy - the creative industries.

This year's # ECIS2020 discussions were based on five different creative futures, each of which is handled in a single break-out session. The five future scenarios took into account the present developments of digitalisation such as the use of Artificial Intelligence, creative bureaucracy, the impact of cross-innovations, the need for new educational systems and the participation in the European Green Deal.

All the results of previous breakout sessions and discussions will present as the #ECIS2020 non-paper that will be a collection of all views and voices, about the future of the European Creative Economy under the light of this year’s Covid-19 pandemic. This paper can be used as a source of policy inspiration and recommendations to regional, national and even European policy makers.

The final event will be streamed to an European-wide audienceon 28 October at 10 am (CET). More information and the entire programme can be found here.

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