10th European Festival of the First Novel in Kiel/ Germany

22.03.2012 |

In 2012, the ARS BALTICA accredited festival celebrates its 10th anniversary. The festival, which is a combination of a public reading gala and a literary conference, will take place at the Literaturhaus Schleswig-Holstein in Kiel from 10 to 13 May.

The European Festival of the First Novel is known as a place for an intense literary exchange for new European literature. Authors from eleven European countries, whose first novels have not yet been translated into other languages, meet there with their editors and publishers to present their novels and attend workshops with literary experts.

The festival is carried out by the Literaturhaus Schleswig-Holstein and the Centre Culturel Français de Kiel. It is supported and sponsored by the Bureau de Livre of the French embassy in Berlin, the federal state Schleswig-Holstein and institutions of the participating countries. Since 2004, the festival is sponsored as an ARS BALTICA project. A special aim is to give new literature from smaller European languages a forum.

At a public reading in tAlen Mešković © Isak Hoffmeyer, Franziska Gerstenberg © privat, Satu Taskinen © Heini Lehväslaiho, Kaouther Adimi © Nassim Kasdali, Tore Kvæven © Tove K. Breistein, Judith W. Taschler © Patrick Saringer, Magdalena Parys © Marian Stefanowski, Ursula Timea Rossel © Adrian Moser, Inma López Silva © privat, Zsuzsa Csobánka © Máté Bach, Patrick McGuinness © privat.he Literaturhaus in Kiel on 10 May the participating authors will present abstracts from their first novels, which have been translated into German, English and French for the festival brochure. The following conference offers the editors, publishers and other experts the opportunity to get to know the novels better and make contacts for publishing and translation projects.

On the occasion of this year’s anniversary, the debut novel authors will be presented to the public twice.

On Monday, 14 May there will be a reading gala at the representation of land Schleswig-Holstein to the federation in Berlin.

Participating authors and publishing houses in 2012:

Austria: Judith W. Taschler, "Sommer wie Winter", Picus Verlag

Denmark: Alen Mešković, "Ukulele-jam", Gyldendal

Finland: Satu Taskinen, "Täydellinen paisti", Teos

France: Kaouther Adimi, "L'envers des autres", Actes Sud

Germany: Franziska Gerstenberg, "Spiel mit ihr" Schöffling & Co.

Hungary: Zsuzsa Csobánka, "Belém az ujját", JAK + prae.hu

Norway: Tore Kvæven, "Hard er mitt lands lov”" Samlaget

Poland: Magdalena Parys, "Tunel", Świat Książki

Switzerland: Ursula Timea Rossel, "Man nehme Silber und Knoblauch, Erde und Salz", bilger verlag

Spain: Inma López Silva, "Memoria de cidades sen luz", Galaxia

Wales: Patrick McGuinness, "The Last Hundred Days", Seren

For more information about the program and participants, please click here (only in German).

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