11th Baltic States Biennale of Graphic Art

30.09.2013 |

The Kaliningrad-Königsberg Baltic States Biennale of Graphic Art is running until 15 October. Visit the Kaliningrad Regional Museum Art Gallery to experience a plethora of graphic artwork from the Baltic Sea Region nations.

Over 100 different works will be displayed at the exhibition, which spans a 2.5 thousand square mile area.  Famous Baltic artists, critics, and historians will be in attendance, and there will also be a conference: "The exposition of unique graphics: curatorial practices."

When the Biennale was first established in 1990, the goal was to bridge the gap between artists from Kaliningrad, the former Soviet states, and the USSR.  In the year 2000, ARS BALTICA began to support the Biennale as one of the many ARS BALTICA projects, and the goal became showcasing graphic artists and bridging the gap among the Baltic Sea nations.  This year the approach is more international than regional, as it presents Baltic Sea and international artists' work.

Many prizes will be presented this year by a specially invited international jury.  The Grand-Prix is the largest prize, awarded to the best graphic artist in the festival: they win 80,000 rubles and a personal exhibition at the next Biennale.  Other prizes are awarded under these topics: “Traditional techniques of original graphics: Monochrome graphics”, “Traditional techniques of original graphics: Polychrome Graphics”, and “Author’s techniques of original graphics.”

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