11th PA Culture Strategic Project Development Workshop

12.05.2020 |

The forthcoming 11th PA Culture Strategic Project Development Workshop on preserving cultural heritage in the Baltic Sea Region will take place in Cracow on 5-6 October 2020 and put special emphasis on wooden architecture and sustainable cultural tourism.

The workshop is aiming to provide good practices and experiences from different perspectives, brainstorming of stakeholders concerned, taking into account key needs, problems and value needed and to find common ways of preserving and protection of wooden architecture, common values and architectural schemes, intangible heritage and disappearing professions in the Baltic Sea Region.

The desirable outcome could be mapping the activities of different Baltic countries to preserve this kind of cultural heritage and increasing their visibility. Presentation of potential cultural routes could bring added value to the workshop. There is a chance to take advantage of reachable and already implemented means, mechanisms and communication strategies for the whole region.

To facilitate the Workshop the organizers kindly ask all the focal points in the PA Culture of EUSBSR to analyse the situation in each country regarding preservation of cultural heritage in the context of wooden architecture. It could include well-known projects, monuments, best practices which are worth to share (e.g. open-air museums, wooden architecture cultural/touristic routes, “wooden towns” etc.). At least one example from each country could be presented during the workshop, so the participants could find common ways of preservation. The proposals / best example should be sended not later than 31st August 2020.

Detailed information can be found here.

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