3rd Policy Round Table Discussion

11.10.2013 |

From 16 to 18 October, ONE BSR Project will travel to Gdansk (Poland) to discuss with experts the challenges of talent retention in the Baltic Sea Region.

To attract and keep international students and professionals in the Baltic Sea region is a major challenge for the competiveness of the area. The ONE Baltic Sea Region (BSR) project aims to brand the region as an open, international and skilled higher education area, and improve the co-operation between the states, universities and companies by creating new tools for the co-operation.

On 18 October, the challenges of the Talent Retention are discussed on the 3rd ONE BSR  Policy Round Table Discussion at the annual ScanBalt Forum in Gdansk, Poland. Both students, researchers and professionals are welcome to join the discussion!

ONE BSR has invited experts from Sweden, Finland, Germany, and the Baltic States to explore together with young academics how different challenges in the countries of the region affect the view of talent retention for the whole BSR. The discussion focuses on the various regions, motivations and specific barriers, as there are significant differences within the BSR. The aim is to find the overlaps and to move from regional competition to regional collaboration.

Some topics from the experts include:

  • Talent retention efforts in the BSR - A snapshot of current policies and best practice initiatives
  • Talent Retention in the Helsinki Region: Overcoming the Language Barrier
  • Collaborative EU scientific projects and the salaries in Eastern and Western Europe


The greater purpose of this Round Table Discussion is to fuel dialogue and increase understanding of the many diverse images and identities in the BSR. The more variety of attendees, the better – students and professionals are equally welcome!

Register to the Talent Retention Policy Round Table and the ScanBalt Forum here:


The ScanBalt Forum takes place 16-18 October in Gdansk (Poland). Its program is built on innovative cooperation with education, science and business. Within the area of science and healthcare, such topics as Bio Business for Healthy Life, Healthcare Innovation and Key Research Topics of Polish research groups will be discussed. A wide variety of speakers, lectures, selected key research topics, workshops, discussions, and social events are available to registered guests.


For further information on the ONE BSR Round Table Discussion please contact Franziska Schindler, ARS BALTICA (Germany): Franziska.Schindler(at)arsbaltica.net



The ONE BSR project (www.onebsr.eu) is an umbrella project, within the framework of the Baltic Sea Region Programme and the EU strategy for the Baltic Sea Region, for branding the Baltic Sea Region, with which various stakeholders can get attached. It aims to produce elements for the Baltic Sea Region image and identity.

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