A Successful webinar – How does it work?

23.09.2020 |

The Union of the Baltic Cities invites to a Smart and Prospering Cities webinar on the topic of how to organize and carry out a successful online event like a webinar. Everybody is welcome to attend on 29 September 2020.

Wolfgang Schmidt from the UBC is hosting the webinar with the guest host Annelie Herwig, who is an experienced rhetoric trainer from Leipzig, Germany. In the webinar "Successful webinar – How does it work?" they are going to discuss the technical aspects of online events, the differences between online and offline events, how to plan an online event, how to interact with the attendees, how to pay attention to your rhetoric and how to backup the results of an online event.

Wolfgang Schmidt is a chairman of the UBC (Union of the Baltic Cities), the biggest city network in nothern Europe with 20 cities participating, since 2009. He has a Master degree and lives in Kiel, Germany. The co-host Annelie Herwig has also a Master degree and she was the rhetoric trainer for executives at Amazon.

The UBC Smart and Prospering Cities Commission offers a reliable network of entrepreneurs, scientists and administration experts from the BSR and beyond. We run seminars and projects on city attractiveness and innovation. In the last years our thematic focus was on attractiveness of cities and innovation promotion.

The webinar is taking place between 10am and 11:30am on 29 September 2020 and you can registrate until 28 September.

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