Aerowaves – Dances Across Europe, Call for Applications, September 12th

09.09.2019 |

There are only a few days left to hand in an application to become one of the Aerowaves Twenty. The annual open call for emerging choreographers closes on September 12th. The call is open to choreographers working in Europe.

Artists which are selected represent the most exciting dance makers in Europe. They will be promoted by Aerowaves for a whole year via the website, on which an artist profile including images, video and press coverage will be set up. Also, selected artists can announce forthcoming performances in the official Aerowaves calendar and the Aerowaves will distribute this through their networks and social media. As an additional benefit, members of the Aerowaves Twenty may be selected to perform their work at the Spring Forward Festival which will take place in Rijeka (Croatia) from 24-26 April 2020.

Aerowaves has partners in 33 countries. The network brings together the professional knowledge, personal insight and love for dance of 45 member organisations. Each year in October, these partners vote for the next group of Aerowaves Twenty artists. This takes place at an intensive meeting where hundreds of videos are watched and discussed.

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