Alatyr 2017

13.06.2017 |

Alatyr, the 7th International Biennial of Amber Art Works will open on June 30th for the summer at the Kaliningrad Regional Amber Museum, along with the exhibition of entries for the Architectural Chronic of the World competition.

Located in the centre of town, in a mid 19th century fortress tower on the Verkhneye Lake shore, the Amber Museum has great scientific, historical and cultural importance and the Biennial is an important celebration of this.

Kaliningrad is well known as a centre for amber extraction and utilisation. The fossilised resin of 40 million year old conifers, is most commonly found in the Baltic Sea area and Kaliningrad oblast is positioning itself as the hub for the ongoing research and popularisation of the mineral.

The purpose of the Biennial is promotion of this objective, as well as to host the international contest and exhibition Architectural Chronic of the World – an initiative under the United Nations declaration that 2017 is the International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development.   

One magnificent exhibit of Kaliningrad's Amber Museum.

The contest aims to showcase precision craftsmanship as well as contemporary trends in stone carving and jewellery. Artists will contribute pieces that in their opinion reflect the rich heritage and cultural values of the region and the material – in this case amber.

The Biennial and the exhibition have a number of objectives, ranging from strengthening cross cultural collaborations, to education about the theory, diversity and practical application of amber as a resource and creative material. The publication of a catalogue with analytical articles, photographs of exhibition pieces and excerpts from presentations held at the Biennial, will further disseminate information about the industry and the region.   

The Amber Museum is home to a collection of amber objects, both decorative and practical dating as far back as the Neolithic age (4000 – 2000 BC.) It also houses Russia’s largest piece of amber – a sunstone weighing 4.28 kilograms. In addition to visiting the Biennial and the exhibition, the museum is an essential stop on your visit.   

The 7th International Biennial of Amber Art Works, Alatyr 2017 will be held from June 30th to September 3rd at the Amber Museum in Kaliningrad. You can read more about the Biennial on the Amber Museum website.  

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