ARNA Art, Ecology, & Science residency open call

14.03.2018 |

Suitable applicants for the ARNA Art, Ecology & Science project are invited to respond to the open call for residencies before the deadline of Monday 16th April 2018.

The Swedish non-profit organisation ARNA has opened the call for applications for its 2017 residency program. Artists from all disciplines are invited to apply for the 4-week residency, which includes flights and accommodation.

The ARNA project and destination for the residency is located in southern Sweden, between a UNESCO biosphere reserve in Vombsjösänkan and a grand scale science area at Brunnshög in Lund. These two sites interconnect at a point and the residency aims to explore how art can play a role in connecting them in deeper and more meaningful ways, under the theme ‘Perspective Through Details’.

The goal is to find sustainable ways to develop the human aspects of the two sites, by asking the question "How can the arts describe the very search for a greater understanding through the science of details?". It’s a dynamic opportunity with aspects of the project involving a group of school children, a film festival and a symposium.   

The open call deadline for the ARNA-project Art, Ecology & Science residency is Monday 16th April 2018. Details about how to apply can be found here. More information about the residency itself can be found here on the ARNA website. The results will be announced in the first week of May 2018.  



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