ARS BALTICA Organising Committee Conference

04.10.2010 |

On 23/24 September, the ARS BALTICA Organising Committee has had its annual autumn meeting at the State Cultural Centre of Salzau (Germany).

On 23/24 September, the ARS BALTICA Organising Committee had its 39th conference. The meeting was organised under the German Chairmanship of ARS BALTICA which is held by Mr Gert Haack from the Ministry of Education and Culture of Land Schleswig-Holstein. It took place at the State Cultural Centre of Salzau (northern Germany).

The main topic was the ongoing process of reorientation of the network. The participating members of the ARS BALTICA Organising Committee discussed future cooperation opportunities, the relaunch of the ARS BALTICA logo and the website as well as the future way of project accreditation and the future strategy of the network.

Besides the Committee members, Ms Nanna Magnadóttir, Senior Advisor from the Secretariat of the Council of the Baltic Sea States (CBSS) joined the conference and gave her support to the process of reorientation.

A first draft of the new logo was presented by Ms Ulrike Eckstein and Ms Andrea Hagestedt from the design agency Eckstein & Hagestedt (Kiel, Germany). Mr Tom Janneck (communications agency Ehe & Janneck, Kiel/ Germany) presented the structure of the new website which is supposed to be online at the turn of the year. The new website will reflect the strength of ARS BALTICA as a cultural think tank for the Baltic Sea Region and focus much more on the presentation of cultural projects.

Another presentation was held by Mr Stephan Kleinschmidt from Sønderborg/ Denmark. The city of Sønderborg is in the preparation for its candidature for the title European Capital of Culture 2017. According to the decision of the ARS BALTICA Organising Committee taken in Gdansk/ Poland in November 2009 to focus on collaborating with the former, current and future European Capitals of Culture in the Baltic Sea Region, the ARS BALTICA representatives took into consideration a cooperation with "Sønderborg 2017" which covers not only the surrounding of Sønderborg itself but also the German-Danish boarder region. This cooperation might be the starting point for further cooperation between the European Capitals of Culture.

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