Artist residency at Villa Waldberta Munich (Germany)

15.12.2020 |

ARTIST IN RESIDENCE MUNICH invites international artists from all genres for two residencies at Villa Waldberta and Ebenböckhaus in Munich.

The city of Munich (Germany) has an program called "ARTIST IN RESIDENCE MUNICH" or AIR-M for short. AIR-M offers two residency places, one in the Villa Waldberta and one in the Ebenböckhaus. For the time between 4 August 2021 to 28 September 2021 and 3 November 2021 to 28 December 2021 professional artists from all over the world with a residence outside of the State of Bavaria can apply for an art residency. Especially people with disabbilities are welcome to apply.

Residents will get the opportunity do develop concepts, exchange ideas and thoughts with other guest artists, initiate projects, and introduce themselves and make presentations to the general public as part of events.The organiers will support the guest artists with introductions to the art scene in Munich.

The selected artists will get a reimbursement of travel costs up to 350€ if they come from Europe and up to 800€ for non-European artists. A rent free apartment, a monthly grant of 1200€ and monthly tickets for the munich public transportation will be provided as well.

Applications should be submitted before the deadline of 31 January 2021. More information can be found here.

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