"Artistic Pit-Stop workshops" by "Cantabile 2" (Denmark)

06.02.2011 |

Register until 25 February and get an insight into the daily life of the theatre from 14 March to 8 April 2011!

For 17 years "Cantabile 2" (Vordingborg, Denmark) has been educating professional performers with a 3 year long education at the "School of Stage Arts". Now, "Cantabile 2" introduces a new teaching profile that is more open, dynamic, flexible and reflective of the needs and requirements of the contemporary performer and stage art student.

The participants will be free to develop solos, duos or other constellations which are open to creative artists from all genres of stage art such as circus, classical theatre, dance and performance.
The schedule will be designed to fit the projects needs and is oriented towards young semi-professionals / newly educated / project makers. Emphasis is put on a common process where experiences and inspiration is exchanged.

The workshop concludes with a work-in-progress showing for an invited audience.

The application deadline is 25 February 2011.

For more information on the workshop as well as on the application form, click here.

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