Arts and Science at Dome of Visions

16.02.2017 |

Stockholm’s Dome of Vision will present a public meeting on 17th February on the topic of Art and Science, an increasingly more popular discussion point in recent times.

Considering the questions around the relationship between art and science and the positive influences one could have on the other and vice versa, this year’s Dome of Vision discussions will further contribute to the already vibrant conversations around how art can make science better and how science can contribute to the making of better art.

One of the subjects under consideration will be how an academic venue for art and science would work and what the relationship between the two would look like in a practical sense in this forum.  Dome of Vision’s curator Björn Norberg will be joined in conversation with some of Europe’s most interesting professionals on this subject.

Artistic Director of Oslo Kunstforening (OK) in Norway, Marianne Hultmann, will present insights from ‘Experiments in Art and Technology’, a project developed in the late 1960s to encourage collaborations between artists and engineers.

Stockholm's impressive Dome Of Visions: A smart venue for innovation 

Representing the scientists will be evolutionary systems biologist and natural philosopher Johannes Jaeger. Currently the scientific director of the Konrad Lorenz Institute for Evolution and Cognition Research in Vienna, Jaeger and his colleagues bring together scientists artists and philosophers to explore new approaches to the conceptual and theoretical problems prevalent in the life sciences. 

A local face, Richard Julin, is artistic director at Accelerator based at Stockholm University. His work currently is in the development of a laboratory for projects around art, science and society, where art plays a central role.

Also out of Stockholm, Charlie Gullström was the project initiator for Dome of Vision. In addition, she lectures in the architecture department at KTH (Stockholm University) and heads the interdisciplinary research group KTH Smart Spaces: Architecture and Interactive Media. Much of her work has been in leading research initiatives around the idea of an art, design and science platform.

The Dome of Vision was opened in 2015 and is a large mobile domed structure made from wood and transparent plastic that is designed to be self-sufficient due to its façade acting as a protective outer shield. The Dome of Vision is a shining example of sustainable architecture and provides the ideal space for the discussion on Art and Science to take place. 

Art and Science will be held on November 17th starting at 1 pm at the Dome of Visions in Stockholm, Sweden. The programme is available on the Dome of Visions website.

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