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Baltic Audience Links is a new network project coordinated by INTERCULT with a specific aim to widen and strengthen the existing networks: River//Cities (EU) and Access Europa (SE), giving them a clear Baltic dimension.

This learning partnership is based on work and co-operation of three EU cultural organisations from Sweden, Poland and Lithuania: Intercult SE, River//Cities Platform and

The project strives to connect cultural actors around the Baltic Sea, strengthening the civil society and its organisations as well as developing and building, through culture, the BSR society’s identity, both at local and regional levels.

One of the Baltic Audience Links (BAL) goals is to complete a study that focuses on developing a Baltic network of cultural actors that apply participatory approaches in developing urban spaces and local communities. Lithuanian partner, Laboratory for Urban Games and Research, conduct the study.

The partners behind the Baltic Audience Links project: Intercult from Sweden, River//Cities from Poland and from Lithuania. BAL is co-financed by the Baltic Sea Unit of the Swedish Institute.

The meeting in Gdańsk will be, among others, devoted to the presentation of results of the above mentioned research. There will be also discussions and presentations on the experiences of cultural organisations from the Baltic Sea Region that developed cultural formats for fostering local participatory processes as well as the workshop dedicated to public participation in the urban planning context.

The Gdańsk meeting’s off-programme will be focused on the insight into the new vibrant urban space in Gdańsk: GARNIZON (Garrison) housing development based in the area where army barracks used to be.

The workshop will be based on the case study of the post shipyard area, the owner of which has changed again thus allowing for the potentially bigger involvement of citizen’s in the new district’s development plans. To give you the glimpse of this space and its unusual history we are organizing a study visit there. 

The BAL meeting in Gdańsk takes place from May 17th to 20th at the Baltic Sea Cultural Centre. For more info on the BAL project and the meeting in Gdańsk, click here

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