Baltic Circle International Theatre Festival ‘12

13.09.2012 |

From 7 to 11 November the ARS BALTICA accredited Baltic Circle International Theatre Festival will take place in Helsinki (Finland) for the 17th time. Enjoy the multitude of performing artists!

Baltic Circle functions at the core of the European contemporary theatre and performing arts as well as bridges the artistic communities of Baltic and Nordic countries. It supports the mobility of artists, the internationalization of performing arts and the cultural exchange.

The Baltic Circle collaborates with the focal European, local theatre festivals and production centers, it organizes training programs, seminars, workshops and discussions in the course of the festival, it brings contemporary international performances to Finland and it is always looking for new perspectives to support arts.

The Baltic Circle International Theatre Festival gives the chance to bring young talented artists, visitors and performing artists, national and international, together so that all of them can get inspired by these masses of involved lovers of culture.

This year artists from Sweden, Norway, Russia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Germany, Slovenia, Austria, Slovakia, Belgium, Netherlands, France, Denmark, Italy, Belarus, Armenia and Finland will take part in the festival.


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