"Baltic Circle" theatre festival in Helsinki (Finland)

07.11.2010 |

Welcome to this International Contemporary Theatre Festival (17-21 Nov 2010) which is granted with the ARS BALTICA logo since 2007!

The Baltic Circle project was awarded the ARS BALTICA logo in 2007. The project functions in the context of European contemporary theatre and performing arts and focuses on bringing the artistic communities of the Baltic and Nordic countries together. The Festival is a ground for developing new trends and ideas. Baltic Circle supports artistsā€™ mobility and international collaboration. Together with its artists, Baltic Circle takes the stage art forward and takes an active role in both international cultural exchange and in the field of Finnish performing arts.

The festival from 17-21 November 2010 takes place in the theatre venues and on sites in city of Helsinki. It organizes training programs, seminars, workshops, discussions, and actively participates in public debate on contemporary theatre practice. Its main focus is on facilitating a dialogue between artists and audiences as a part of developing new work.

The Baltic Circle commissions and co-produces new work, locally and internationally. Together with HIAP (Helsinki International Artist-in-residence Programme) and Kiasma Theatre, Baltic Circle has initiated a residency project for the contemporary theatre and the performing arts, which is the first of its kind in Finland. Apart from that, Baltic Circle is a community in which artists and the audiences can engage in discussion, raise questions and find new perspectives on the arts and the surrounding world. It is a meeting point for artists and audiences as well as an international performing arts laboratory. It wants to offer artists space and time to experiment and try out new approaches.

MoreĀ information on "Baltic Circle" and where to buy tickets you can find here.

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