Baltic Sea Youth Dialouge Awards Ceremony

11.12.2020 |

The Baltic Sea Youth Dialogue Awards Ceremony of the Creative Baltic Sea Youth Dialogue Competitions 2020 "Let’s create a sustainable future together!" will take place and on Saturday 12 December online.

The Council of The Baltic Sea States has invited 18-30 year olds from around the Baltic Sea region to join the competition "Baltic Sea Youth Dialogue 2020" to create a sustainable future together. Participants could choose from the sections creative writing, graphic design and developing a project idea. The results could be submitted until November 30. The theme was to show if and how we can have a sustainable future. This competition was funded by the Federal Foreign Office of Germany and it was supported by the Baltic Sea Youth Platform.

A renowned jury with members from all around the baltic sea region will honour three winners from each different section on 12 December at 5pm during a Facebook livestream. The prizes range from a 200€ voucher to a brand new Wacom drawing board. 

The competition and the award show is hosted by the Council of the Baltic Sea States (CBSS) and The Baltic Sea Youth Platform. CBSS consists of 11 Member States as well as the European Union. The CBSS supports a global perspective on regional problems. These include politically and practically translating. The CBSS functions as a coordinator of a multitude of regional actors in the areas of its three long-term priorities: Regional Identity, Sustainable & Prosperous Region, Safe & Secure Region.

The Baltic Sea Youth Platform (BSYP) functions as an umbrella coordination mechanism for several youth organisations and youth initiatives in the Baltic Sea Region horizontally across sectors in connection to the different policy areas and horizontal actions of the EUSBSR. The BSYP aims to create a safe space for young adults to come up with concrete actions and project ideas to allow for an increased participation of youth in the society. The BSYP will function as a platform to reach out to decisionmakers to share these ideas. This will contribute to the development of sustainable policies for future generations and the creation of future experts with the cohesion and stability of our Baltic Sea Region at heart! 

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