"Black Nights Film Festival" in Tallinn/ Estonia

22.11.2010 |

Join the 14th edition of this film festival (24 November to 5 December 2010) and enjoy a selection of previous world cinema, interaction and production markets!

The Tallinn Film Festival is a unique event combining a feature film festival with the sub-festivals of animated films (19 to 24 November), student/short films (20 to 24 November) and children/youth films (19 to 28 November).  

The festival aims to present Estonian audiences a comprehensive selection of world cinema in all its diversity with the emphasis on European films, providing a friendly atmosphere for interaction between the audience, Estonian filmmakers and their colleagues from abroad.

The Black Nights Film Festival main programme from 24 November to 5 December consists of the international competition programme EurAsia and the Tridens Baltic feature film competition.

Besides the festival programme, a film- and several co-production markets present themselves, as well:

The Black Market Industry Screenings from 1 to 4 December show you regional cinema and an audiovisual market focusing on the new films from the neighbouring regions and smaller film industry countries such as Central and Eastern European countries, Nordic countries, Russia and countries like Georgia, Ukraine, Romania, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tadjikistan. 

The Baltic Event film and co-production market from 1 to 3 December screens the newest feature films from the Baltic countries along with a co-production market open for projects from the Baltics, Central and Eastern Europe, Russia and Scandinavia.

Further information about the festival is available here.

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