Call for Nordic-Baltic Collaborative Arts Projects

09.06.2017 |

The NORDIC-BALTIC FESTIVAL PLATFORM (NBFP) is a platform for arts festivals in the Nordic-Baltic area. It aims to foster cultural cooperation in the region, explore the Nordic-Baltic identity in the arts and increase the capacity of festivals in the region.

The NordicBaltic Festival Platform (NBFP) is a platform created for festivals from all fields of art & culture in the Nordic-Baltic area. It aims to foster cultural cooperation in the region by enhancing the number and strength of connections, the capacity and visibility of those festivals. The Platform is open to festivals from all fields of art.

As one of the practical initiatives to foster artistic exchange, the NBFP has opened its 3rd call for cross-border collaborative projects. The initiative aims to bring together festivals for new and, hopefully, long lasting partnerships and to foster the exchange of practices and artistic ideas.

Applying is open for all arts & culture festivals, but similarly we encourage artists to reach out to their local/partner festivals to introduce together a collaboration proposal for festivals in the Nordic and Baltic countries as well as Poland and Russian Federation from the wider Baltic Sea Region (BSR).

NBFP fosters cross-border artistic exchange.

In an interview in last October, Leelo Lethla from the NBFP working group explained the open call in the following words: "On the practical level we also invite people to present their festival projects in our open-call program, where we try to find partners for the realization of their ideas during our conference. This year five projects were selected to be presented at the conference. Also we envision an online platform where the front-end has a lot for possible audiences around the world featuring web-broadcasts etc."

Chosen festivals will have the chance to introduce their plan and work during the third NBFP Nordic-Baltic Arts Festivals Conference, taking place November 21st-22nd as a dual-city event in Helsingør / Helsingborg (Denmark/Sweden). The Conference brings managers and artistic directors of festivals from all fields of art and culture together in order to exchange ideas and best practices, make new connections and explore various possibilities for cooperation, and to visit some of the great, avant garde arts shows from the Nordics.

Applications for the current open call can be submitted until July 31st. The eligible countries, both as project coordinators and partners include:

Estonia / Latvia / Lithuania / Finland / Sweden / Denmark / Norway / Iceland / Faroe Islands / Åland Islands / Greenland / Poland / Russian Federation

Apply here!

If you want to learn more about NBFP, click here. Find the application guidelines here.

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