CBSS Funding for ARS BALTICA Creative Dialogue (ABCD)

24.11.2017 |

ARS BALTICA’s new creative dialogue platform ARS BALTICA Creative Dialogue (ABCD) receives funding from the CBSS Project Support Facility (PSF) for the first two years implementation phase.

ABCD (ARS BALTICA Creative Dialogue) intends to gather creative and cultural practitioners in all Baltic Sea Region coun­tries, provide space for discussion in an open environment and create synergies for and with the participating partners.

The project will be kicking-off in early 2018 holding meetings in every BSR region country over the next two years, with the aim of collaborating with regional creative and cultural influencers and practitioners with a shared purpose.

The meetings will offer opportunities for discussion and knowledge exchange, to further develop each country’s commitment to sustainable strategic planning for the future.

The ABCD platform aims to build on the common value that culture is the foundation for true sustainable growth from economic, ecologic and community perspectives. The platform will enable cultural practitioners to exchange ideas and innovations, collaborate and discuss shared issues and reflect together on local and international challenges. The ABCD will also allow policy-makers to follow the debates and share their perspectives. For the first implementation phase the project has recei­ved funding from the CBSS Project Support Facility.

ARS Baltica is the lead partner on the platform, along with six co-partners which include:

·      Union of Baltic Cities Cultural Cities Commission (Pori, Finland)

·      Baltic Sea Cultural Centre (Gdansk, Poland)

·      Performing Arts Platform (Aarhus, Denmark)

·      RIXC Center for New Media Culture (Riga, Latvia)

·      Vabalava Theatre (Tallinn, Estonia)

·      Territorium Film (Kaliningrad, Russia)

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