COAL Prize Ceremony 2017

23.11.2017 |

The COAL Prize is awarded each year to artists whose projects explore issues of ecological significance. The 8th COAL Prize will be presented next Wednesday 29th November in Paris.

COAL is a Coalition for Art and Sustainable Development that encourages creative thinking and collaboration around social and environmental issues. COAL is one of the Creative Climate Leadership partners (along with ARS Baltica) and every year the project awards a prize in the spirit of mobilising artists in acts of positive ecological change.  

In 2017, roughly 350 artists from 66 countries responded to the call for entries, affirming the fact that art and culture is a key player regarding solutions to sustainability, climate change and the current global ecological crisis.

The COAL prize was founded in 2008 and is open to artists from across the globe, who are inspired to affect change through their work. The winner is decided by a jury and jury members are all artists and ecology experts in their own right.

The COAL Prize is a prestigious award, recognising the artist’s innovative thinking and commitment to the environmental needs of our times. It also awards €5,000 in cash, along with a residency at Domaine de Belval in Ardennes, France by the François Sommer Foundation.

This year’s finalists are:   

·      Erich Berger and Mari Keto (Austria, Finland) – INHERITANCE, The Ritual of Measurement

·      Isabelle Daëro (France) – Topique, eau non potable

·      Abdessamad El Montassir (Morocco) – Résistance Naturelle

·      Anne Fischer (France) – Rising from its Ashes

·      La Vallée (France) – Pietra P.

·      Martin Le Chevallier (France) – Obsolescence programmée

·      Le Nouveau Ministère de l’Agriculture (France) – Les nouveaux produits du terroir. Les diamants Maquignons

·      Gideon Mendel (South Africa) – Drowning World

·      Afour Rhizome (South Korea) – Ce vent dont vous parlez nous porte loin de nous-même

·      Anaïs Tondeur (France) – Noir de carbone

The award will be presented at Paris’s Hunting and Nature Museum and before the ceremony, there will be an afternoon of informative presentations including artist Olivier Darné among others, who was the 2012 winner of the COAL Prize. There will also be a broadcast of La mémoire des glaciers by the 2016 COAL Prize winner, Angelika Markul. This afternoon session will be presented by the French Ministry of Culture, the Hunting and Nature Museum, the French Center of Funds and Foundations and COAL in partnership with the French Agency for Biodiversity.

The COAL Prize Ceremony will be held on Wednesday 29th of November at the Hunting and Nature Museum in Paris. The prize is awarded by the French Ministry of Culture. You can read more about the event on the Project COAL website.

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