Conference on "Museums and Municipalities"

21.11.2010 |

Have a stake in the White paper on Museums and Local Authorities! (9-10 December 2010, Brussels/ Belgium)

On 9 and 10 December 2010, the policy analysis group "Museums and Municipalities" will hold its final conference in Brussels. The international conference aims to present and discuss with museum managers and curators, local authorities, researchers and experts the results of one year of activity focused on the analysis of the relations between museums and municipalities, the benefits derived from this relationship and the mechanisms required to make these relations more efficient.

 The Conference is free of charge and wants to identify concrete proposals and best practices as well as to  collect as many contributions as possible for the White paper on "Museums and Local Authorities" to be published by the policy group before the end of this year. Having this in mind, it will be organised as an interactive dialogue which will bring together 100 representatives from museums and local authorities all over Europe and beyond.

 Four plenary sessions will be held on the topics of why the relations between museums and municipalities should be analysed, the challenge from the museums' perspective, the challenge from the municipalities’ perspective and what can be the most relevant relations between museums and municipalities. Each session will begin with the results of the enquiry and case studies, and will open the discussion with curators, mayors and the audience participants. This approach aims to give each participant the opportunity to contribute to the final recommendations. The participants will be introduced to additional input on the issues under discussion provided by experts.

The deadline for registration is 30 November 2010. 

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