Contemporary Dance Performance “Auction”

18.10.2017 |

Dance, theatre and painting come together in a unique performance on Oct 26th by Hungarian dancer and choreographer Gergye Krisztián at the Art Museum Riga Bourse, in Riga.

“Auction” is a contemporary work by Hungarian dancer and choreographer Gergye Krisztián, that merges various classical forms of performance and art together to create a totally unique theatrical experience. Using the medium of contemporary dance, Krisztián’s performance merges into theatre as he choreographs paint and canvas into the work.

The performance itself is a work of contemporary art, which then produces a unique piece of physical contemporary art, available for auction at the show’s conclusion. Each performance produces a painting that will become one in a fine art series, all produced under the same conditions, but with uniquely different outcome and results. If the finished piece is not bought at time of performance it is destroyed immediately in situ. 

“Auction” will be performed on Thursday the 26th October at 7pm at the Art Musuem Riga Bourse, Doma laukums 6 in Riga. Tickets are free, but must be pre-booked and a limited amount are available. If you would like to attend, you can collect a ticket at the Art Museum Riga Bourse ticket office. You can watch a trailer for the performance here online.  

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