Conversations on Book Design and Publishing

30.10.2017 |

Budding novelists and book industry professionals will come together on Wednesday 1st November for the open conference, “Conversations on Book Design and Publishing”. Organised by Latvian Literature, the event will be held from 3pm until 7pm and hosted by Nice Place TELPA in Riga.

The Latvian Literature platform is focused on the promotion of Latvian authors and the local publishing industry. The open conference was first held in 2016 and its success led to the organisation of the 2017 event, as well as plans for twice yearly conferences into the future.

The conference this year will welcome industry professionals and those with interests in the field from both Latvia and beyond to share their knowledge, experiences and concerns. Topics up for discussion will range from book design, illustration and typography, to editing, publishing, and more.

Focusing on the subject of education, the event aims to open dialogues that will expand the opportunities for local book publishers and book industry professionals to create international exchanges. Event organiser Toms Mrazauskas explains, “…education is a dialogue that gives us a chance to discover something new. One of the goals of this conference is to create a space for creative people to meet and share their knowledge and ideas,”    

Special guests to the event will come together in a creative conversation to answer some of the current questions, such as “how do we create a book that continues to inspire passion long after it’s been published?”, “which books have made us grow into better professionals at editing, illustrating, photography and printing?”, “what will books look like for future generations? 

The conversation will be moderated by event organiser Tom Mrazausks, who is based in Berlin/Riga-based and a publisher and book designer at Brave Books Berlin. Other members of the panel include Jean Paul Mongin, (director of Les petits Platons publishing, France), Aleksandra Cieślak (author and illustrator, Poland), Andrea Copetti (owner of Tipi Bookshop, Brussels) and Friedrich Forssman (book designer and typography expert, Germany).

There will also be a pop-up book exhibition, featuring works from the members of the panel for attendees to view, showcasing their unique achievements in book design, printing and publishing.

Conversations on Book Design and Publishing will be held on Wednesday 1st November 2017, from 3pm until 7pm at Nice Place TELPA in Riga, Latvia. The conference is organised by Latvian Literature and the programme is available on the Facebook Page (in Latvian and English). The conference will be held in English and entry is free. You can read more about the conference on the Latvian Literature website.

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