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06.06.2017 |

If you are interested in book publishing or want to learn more about subjects such as book rights, marketing and design, do not miss ‘Conversations on Book Design’ tonight at Riga’s NicePlace TELPA.

The Latvian Literature Platform has arranged this publishing themed event to encourage industry cooperation in the field of book publishing and design. The platform promotes Latvian literature specifically, but in the international context, so collaborations with foreign publishers, literary agents, writers, translators and literature professionals are essential.

By supporting international engagement in their local industry, the platform has improved the profile and distribution of Latvian literary works abroad.

‘Conversations on Book Design’ will feature a panel of literary industry experts from across Europe, to discuss issues specific to publishing and book design. The group will explore the questions around the importance of book design in attracting and retaining an audience, marketing to foreign interests (for translated editions), adapting to changing market tastes and increasing global visibility for books with a unique voice or subject matter.  

 “Die Schönsten deutschen Bücher 2016” / Germany's most beautiful books, published by Stiftung Buchkunst (Frankfurt / Leipzig), designed by Sandra Doeller and photos by Christian Doeller.

The people involved in the conversation are editors, illustrators, publishers and book designers from Riga, Berlin, London, Frankfurt and Breda. Many of them are relatively new to the industry and looking for new audiences for their books, or for more insights on the unique benefits great book design can have on a book’s market success.

For expert opinion, the organizer of the German Book Design Competition will also be in attendance, giving insights into the organisation of one of Europe’s leading book design awards. Publishers can get the inside word on how to leverage their book’s success by entering (and winning) book design competitions.

The evening’s moderator will be book designer and publisher Tom Mrazauskas from Brave Books (Berlin) and explains the intention of the  new format: 

"The Internet is loaded with videos from various conferences, where one can watch experts sharing their statements, advices and ideas. That’s fascinating, but at the same time I have a feeling that offline conferences should drift towards a more open format and be more interactive and involving. Instead of talks or presentations, at The Conversations we decided to have moderated interviews on book design with publishers from different countries."

Conversation participants are:

Rūta Briede - editor and illustrator, liels un mazs (Rīga, Latvia) // Andreas Rötzer – publisher, Matthes & Seitz (Berlin, Germany) // Meike Ziervogel – publisher, Peirene Press (London, UK) // Katharina Hesse - executive director, Stiftung Buchkunst (Frankfurt, Germany) // Rob van Hoesel - publisher and book designer, The Eriskay Connection (Breda, Netherlands)

For more information about Latvian literature or their publishing industry, see the Latvian Literature website. Conversations on Book Design will be held on June 7th at NicePlace TELPA in Riga, Latvia. You can read more about it here on the event’s Facebook page.  

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