02.06.2020 |

The CORONA SHORT FILM FESTIVAL - the first international pandemic short film festival is a newly launched online competition for short films initiated as a reaction to the current COVID19 developments.

For film professionals and film enthusiasts who have already rewatched all the favourite series and movies, read all the books on the shelf and played online games over and over for days, CORONA SHORT FILM FESTIVAL might be the best solution to cope with creative stagnation in times of precautionary measures and self-isolation. The challenge is to push the creativity and skills, while being restricted by the current situation and make some film magic.

The festival team have received more than 1250 submissions from more than 70 countries. Next to the Grand Jury Prize all short films also competed for the Audience Award, which has been determined through online voting.

User are able to watch the selected short films with a total viewing time of 2 hours and 8 minutes and the winners announcement of the Corona Short Film Festival.




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