Creative Europe Work Plan 2020 Published

23.09.2019 |

The Work Plan for 2020 of Creative Europe has been published. The long report is a worth a read for everyone involved in funding of the creative and cultural industries in Europe. We give you a short overview on what has changed and want stays.

Overall about 78,8 Mill. Euros of funding will be available for Creative Europe. As in the previous there will still be funding for European cooperation projects, literary translation projects, networks and platforms, special awards, European Capitals of Culture, the European Heritage Label, collaborations of international organisations as well as for the sectors music and cultural heritage. The funding for European cooperation projects will grow significantly and the goals is to fund about 100 collaborations.

Priorities for these projects will be international mobility, audience development, digitalisation, new business models, education, intercultural dialogues und integration of migrants as well as cultural heritage.

The call for cooperation projects will presumably be out in the fourth quarter of 2020.

The mobility programme for artists and creative and cultural industries workers that was initiated in 2018 and 2019 will be strengthened through a call in the first quarter of 2020. In the last quarter a new call for the sector ‘bridging culture and audio-visual content through digital’ is expected.

Two new funding actions as preparation for the successor of Creative Europe (starting 2021) will be, first, ‘distribution of European performing arts’ (call appr. first quarter of 2020) and, second, ‘support for the theatre sector’ (call appr. second quarter of 2020).

A detailed plan for all expected calls can be found in the work programme starting on page 120.

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