Cultures and Identities in Europe – Free online course

02.11.2017 |

Open University’s company ‘Future Learn’ is now offering a 3 week free online course titled Cultures and Identities in Europe. The course explores what it means to be European in the current age and how European identity has been shaped through culture, politics and policy.

In a complex and ever-changing world, it can be hard to really understand everything that’s going on around us. The European University Institute, as part of their Global Governance programme has developed the course ‘Cultures and Identities in Europe’ as a free online offering through Future Learn.

The course addresses questions around identity and culture and explores the role of media and politics in shaping European policy and culture. The course also delves into the economic influences that are behind many key decisions in policy making of today’s Europe.

The course presenters are Research Associate at the European University Institute. Jeremie Molho and Anna Triandafyllidou, Professor at the European University Institute, Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies, where she directs the Cultural Pluralism Area in the Global Governance Programme.

Topics covered include European identities, European memory and heritage and European creativity. There are specific skills and knowledge points you will have achieved by the end of the course and upgrading to a paid version of the programme allows you to be tested and assessed at higher levels for more professional purposes if needed.  

Future Learn offers distance and online learning programmes, in collaboration with 135 global partners, including universities and educational institutions. Materials and course content are sourced from their archives and existing courses and eligible students can also connect with the European University Institute’s doctoral and post-doctoral training in the social sciences.

The course is accessible via smart phones, tablets, laptops and desktop computers and offers flexible options to fit the hours into your normal schedule.

Future Learn’s ‘Cultures and Identities in Europe’ course is available here online. The course takes 3 weeks and requires 3 hours commitment per week, with an option to pay for an upgrade to get a Certificate of Achievement on completion. Read more about Future Learn here.   

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"Culture includes not only culture and arts, but also the way of life and system of values. In this sense culture becomes the major power for intellectual renewal and human perfection." (European Council Report on European Cultural Policy)