Dialogue on Youth & European Cooperation: Have your say!

09.06.2020 |

The debate about the youth role in cooperation will take place on 23th June online. As part of the Interreg 30 campaign, this dialogue aims to celebrate cooperation and engage young adults to share their views on their role shaping the future EU cooperation policies.

For 30 years, Interreg and cooperation policy has found solutions for young people by working together, building partnerships and sharing knowledge to improve educational level, qualifications, skills, international competences and job opportunities for all and to make “an economy that works for people”. Interreg enhances the ability of youth to work and learn on both sides of the border, increasing their employability.

The online debate "Dialogue on Youth & European Cooperation" will focus on three main questions:

  • what is the added value of EU cooperation
  • what are the most important goals or challenges for young people that should be addressed by the European Territorial Cooperation
  • what solutions should be put in place to make sure young people are well-represented when shaping the EU Territorial Cooperation Policy.

Ideas gathered during the debate will feed into the Manifesto for Young People by Young People to Shape the European Territorial Policy, which will be presented during the Interreg Annual Event Youth session on 15 October 2020.

For full details of registration process see the EUSBSR website.

The online debate is co-organised by the European Commission and Interact Programme.

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