Digital infrastructure for EU's cultural and creative sector

13.12.2012 |

At the European Parliament in Brussels Neelie Kroes said that a strong digital infrastructure would support EU's cultural and creative sector. Thus creative industries and cultural content may boost the European economy.

In the digital era the creative sector must have its own framework because entertainment, culture and creativity are increasingly going online. By going online artists could get the chance to chase more opportunities. In this case of course people would become access legal online content and the copyright system would become stricter.

By providing that infrastructure amazing innovations will follow: It would be an advantage for industries and citizens to have a fast and legal access to their favorite films, books and music. Reforming licensing rules to legally access online content would be a good first initiative.

Also Europe’s digital economy would be stimulated by high speed broadband, cloud computing, Internet security, entrepreneurship and skills, online content and services and research and innovation.


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"Culture includes not only culture and arts, but also the way of life and system of values. In this sense culture becomes the major power for intellectual renewal and human perfection." (European Council Report on European Cultural Policy)