Digitale Woche / Digital Week Kiel | 5 - 13 September

31.08.2020 |

This is all about the latest digital developments: The 4th digital week (Digitale Woche) in Schleswig-Holsteins’s capital Kiel is about to kick off. From September 5 to 13 #diwokiel is open to companies, institutions and everyone interested in various aspects of digitalization.

Digitalization has effects on our everyday life. Day by day we learn to live and work with the ongoing digital transformation. How does our day-to-day life change through new the digital possibilities? How will work look like in the future? Which visions are created by digital start-ups? How are traditional companies affected by digital change? In what way will learn in school and how will lifelong learning look like? How will democracy and notions of politics change in a digital society? These and many other questions will be discussed during this year's Digital Week Kiel "diwokiel20".

The program of the diwokiel20 invites to learn, experience and exchange - for the professional context as well as for central everyday topics that affect everyone. About half of all events will be exclusively offered digitally on the new platform  - this makes the diwokiel itself more digital than ever before. "!" will be THE central platform for all digital offers of the diwokiel and the Kieler Woche. Here, all favorite events can be noted and viewed from anywhere with just a few clicks.

Hybrid events will be held at the central location in the Kiel Science Park with limited seats. The mandatory registration has started on 26 August.

More information about diwokiel20 and the entire programme can be found here (in German).

The Digital Week Kiel is a format of the state capital of Kiel and was launched in 2017 by the Lord Mayor of Kiel, Dr. Ulf Kämpfer. The Digital Week Kiel office is located under the umbrella of KiWi, Kieler Wirtschaftsförderungs- und Strukturentwicklungs-GmbH.

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