DMY International Design Festival Berlin 2011

31.01.2011 |

Apply now for the festival and showcase, host or exhibit at an event of artistic diversity at the Berlin Tempelhof! (1 to 6 June, Germany)

The DMY International Design Festival 2011 will occupy more than 11.000 sqm. New talents as well as professional designers and renowned brands will launch and present new works within the field of product design – be it furniture solutions, interior accessories, lighting, industrial design or multidisciplinary endeavours.

Designers, companies and brands can apply as exhibitors to showcase at the central festival venue. Application deadline is 14 February 2011.

Berlin-based galleries, design studios, showrooms and museum spaces can apply within the segment extended to host decentral events and self-initiated exhibitions during the festival period that will be communicated within the festival program.

Young designers as well as design schools can apply separately as New talents/ Youngsters to exhibit at the central venue. The segment is dedicated to the support of new talents and the presentation of pioneering, research-driven projects.

Numerous events will frame the presentations of the exhibition. Apart from that, there will be a symposium dealing with the different perceptions, approaches and possibilities of copying vs. inspiration as essential parts of a vital and ongoing design process.

For more information about the festival in general and the application form, click here.

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