Estonian Film - Life Behind the Scenes

01.11.2017 |

In celebration of the 55th anniversary of the Estonian Filmmakers’ Union, three of Tallinn’s cinemas have come together to present the photography exhibition ‘Estonian Film - Life Behind the Scenes’ for one month until 15th of November.

The Estonian film industry is more than 100 years old and although the films themselves are seen by the public, little has been shared of life behind the scenes. The Estonian Filmmakers Union, in cooperation with the Estonian Film Database and the Estonian Film Institute present this wonderful exhibition to showcase the history of the industry as a whole, rather than just the films themselves. Photographs have come from archives as well as public donation and the exhibition has been curated by Galerist, assisted by Jane Treima. 

Throughout the century of Estonian film making, still photography has been around to photograph the workings behind making a film. On the other side of the camera is where the rest of the work happens – the directors, camera operators, gaffers, set builders and more – are all as essential to each production as the actors, though their faces are rarely seen.

In this exhibition, special moments, snapped in an instant, reveal the minutiae of film making and the full scale of skill and creativity behind the craft. The exhibition features works from esteemed Estonian filmmakers including Riina Varol, Herkki Erich Merila, Andres Teiss, Heikki Leis, Kaarel Nurk, Tõnu Noorits, Viktor Mendunen, Martin Lazarev, Tõnu Talivee, Patrick Tamm, Vahur Puik, and many more.

Estonian Film - Life Behind the Scenes was launched on Sunday 15th October and will be open until Wednesday 15th November at Kosmos IMAX, Artis, and Sõprus cinemas in Tallinn, Estonia.

The exhibition is supported by the Cultural Endowment of Estonia. It was organised by the Estonian Filmmakers Union in cooperation with the Estonian Film Database and the Estonian Film Institute. You can read more about the exhibition on the Estonian events website.

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