European Residency Programme for Translators of German-language Fiction Deadline 6 March

25.02.2020 |

The Goethe-Institut’s European Translators’ Residency Programme, in cooperation with the Alfred Toepfer Foundation F.V.S. and the Cultural Foundation of the Free State of Saxony, is offering a work grant in Germany to literary translators from abroad.

The purpose of the stay is to devote oneself to a current project in the area of German-language fiction in a quiet, concentrated atmosphere. For this purpose, the Alfred Toepfer Foundation F.V.S. provides a flat on the grounds of its seminar centre Gut Siggen on the Baltic Sea (Schleswig-Holstein). Siggen is one of the oldest estates in eastern Holstein: its history goes back to the Middle Ages. Gut Siggen is a quiet, secluded spot about 20 km east of Oldenburg in Holstein, 70 km north of Lübeck and 70 km east of Kiel.

Another place to live and work is the residency hall for scholarship-holders of the Cultural Foundation of the Free State of Saxony in the garden city Dresden-Hellerau. Hellerau garden city was built from 1909 on the northern outskirts of Dresden. In recent years Hellerau has evolved into an attractive cultural centre in Dresden.

This offer is primarily directed at translators of German literature (novels, poetry and essays) who live outside Germany, with preference for contemporary German fiction. At least two large-scale published translations as well as a concluded publication contract for the translation being worked on during your stay are required as preconditions for an application.

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