EUSBSR Annual Forum 2020

16.09.2020 |

The Annual Forum of the EUSBSR is taking place for the 11th time on 20 October 2020. Due to the recent Coronavirus outbreak the Forum is going to be only virtual. Interested participants will be able to communicate in workshops, plenaries and conferences.

For now there are 10 confirmed workshops orginised by different organisations. These workshops will prepare you for the main discussion by informing about topics like the digitalisation of the Baltic Sea region, a sustainable future and the cultural wellbeing. The first workshop will take place on15th September and will last a few hours. One of the sessions of the online Forum will be dedicated to discussing the results of the workshops. This will make the results of the workshops accessible to a wider audience.

The Forum will begin on 20th of October at 11 am and end at 5 pm. It is split into 4 different parts. The first one is an introduction to the conference and it is about the main topics of the EUSBSR. The second part is called "Cooperating for Innovation and Sustainability - better together (even during a pandemic)!", after that there is a break of one hour and 15 minutes before the last two parts begin. The third part is called "Working together, merging knowledge and skills! Emerging areas of joint, multidisciplinary actions" and the last one is called "Shaping the prosperous, competitive and sustainable future of the Baltic Sea Region - what will guide us for the next 10 years?".

The EUSBSR (European Union Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region) is the first Macro-regional Strategy in Europe. The Strategy was approved by the European Council in 2009 following a communication from the European Commission. The Strategy is divided into three objectives, which represent the three key challenges of the Strategy: saving the sea, connecting the region and increasing prosperity. Each objective relates to a wide range of policies and has an impact on the other objectives.

For more information about the program and registrating process click here.

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