Exhibition devoted to Arvo Pärt, Gdansk

30.08.2017 |

Arvo Pärt is one of Estonia’s most esteemed contemporary composers and with their role as current President of the EU, the country will recognise him in an exhibition devoted to his work at the St John’s Centre in Gdansk, Poland, from now until 17th September.

Estonia holds the presidency of the EU in the second half of 2017, and this along with the lead up to its celebrations in 2018 of the centenary of the republic, gives reason for a variety of cultural events. Celebrating artists and people who have made significant contributions to Estonian culture is key and Arvo Pärt is one of Estonia’s most beloved.

His musical career will be celebrated in an exhibition co-curated by the Estonian Embassy in Warsaw and the Baltic Sea Culture Centre in Gdańsk. The exhibition launches the series of commemorative events to be held in recognition of Estonia and Poland’s centenary anniversary of independence.

The talented members of Gdańsk’s ‘NeoQuartet’ performed several compositions from Pärt’s repertoire at the opening this week, highlighting the essence of his work and its style of ‘spiritual minimalism’.    

 The exhibition was opened on 27th August and is open daily from 10am until 6pm at the 14th century church and cultural venue – the St John’s Centre in Gdańsk, northern Poland. More information is available here online (in English and Polish).

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