Experimenta! exhibitions final week

28.11.2017 |

Tallin school students have been getting in touch with their creative sides for the past month or so, with the exciting programme of Experimenta! Drawing to a close. The contemporary art triennial for youth opened in October and if you haven’t had the chance to experience it yet there’s still time – it’s open all week until Sunday.

Experimenta! (E!) Has a theme each year and in 2017 its participants explored the topic of art and economy. E! is a festival for and by young people aged 14 – 21. Its aim is to support critical thinking by young creative minds, whose contributions will directly influence the new version of the future ahead of us.

Young artists from 10 countries participated in E! 2017 and the outcome of the event is the exhibition in Tallin. There are three exhibitions currently open and they will remain open for the closing week until December 3rd. They are as follows:

·      Annely Köster and Tamara Luuk co curated ‘Disruption’, which explores the relationship between art and economy.

·      Photo art: to sell or not to sell?’ is a cross border project and the result of a photography workshop series during the festival. The exhibition is curated by Triinu Soikmets.

·      ‘Creativity as social capital’ is an exhibition of the project space of IMAL (International Munich Art Lab).

In addition to the exhibitions, attendees can take part in a seminar on artistic analysis of art as facilitator of designed futures - ‘The Workshop of Evolutional Alternatives’. It will be held from 1st to 3rd of December at the Tallin Art Hall (see programme for more information).

This jury of Experimenta 2017! Has acknowledged the contribution of three Baltic States young artists, with a special recognition prize. Germany’s Mona Bernhard was recognised for “The Stock Market Oracle”, along with Elina Puce from Latvia for “The Structuring of Time” and Vytaute Petkeviciute from Lithuania for “The President Painted Over”.

“I am impressed by the variety of viewpoints of the young artists, their sincere and playful approach to personal questions as well as big global problems from migration crisis to the rights of children, different economic models and visions of the future”, said The chairman of the jury, Vano Allsalu (President of Estonian Artists’ Association).    

The E! Festival will close on Sunday December 3rd with a musical performance at 4pm at the Talllin Art Hall.

The Experimenta! exhibitions opened on October 20th and will run through until Sunday 3rd December at various locations in Tallinn, Estonia. The programme is available online on the Experimenta! Website (in Estonian and English).

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