Finno-Ugric Film Festival

01.07.2018 |

The Finno-Ugric Film Festival will return once again to southern Estonia next week with 4 days of screenings of Finno-Ugric short and experimental films, telling the unique stories of the region.

FUFF is an annual celebration of indigenous culture from the historically under-represented Finno-Ugric speaking regions of Finland, Estonia, and Hungary and north and central Asian regions. This year there is a wonderful programme of short and feature length film screenings, concerts, workshops and a nightly bonfire. The festival will be held at the newly renovated Sänna Culture Manor in Võrumaa, southern Estonia and many attendees choose to camp and enjoy the entire festival as a mini holiday.

This year’s festival will open on Wednesday 5th July, with a concert featuring performances by Lauri Sommer and Finnish artist Outi Rossi. After the concert, the festival’s opening film, It is not the time of my life, from Hungarian director Szabolcs Hajdu, will screen at 8pm. There are usually almost 2 dozen films in competition - quite an achievement, considering the small nations involved. Prizes awarded include best film, best director, best cinematography, and two special jury prizes.

Attendees can enjoy Estonian, Finnish and Hungarian short films as well as a special selection of shorts from the oldest short film festival in the world, Turkey's Konya. The first full length feature in Mari language will be screened exclusively at FUFF this year also.

As always there is a workshop programme and Szabolcs Hajdu will appear again (after his film opening on Wednesday night) to run a workshop on experimental films with filmmakers from Colombia, Finland, Hungary, Russia and more. Hungary’s Daniel Erdelyi and Turkey’s Yavuz Özer will present a scriptwriting workshop and Finnish folk musician Otto Eskelinen will lead a unique workshop in instrument making, the results of which will be heard in concert on Saturday evening.    

The fun goes up a level as the weekend approaches with performances from Estonian band Pööriöö on Friday and Estonian singer Triinu Taul on Saturday.

There is a €15 festival pass available that covers entrance to all films and concerts on the 2018 programme. Single tickets are €3 for films and €5 for concerts. Tents are free but must be booked in advance along with food - otherwise you must bring your own as none will be available locally.

FUFF will be held from Wednesday 4th July to Saturday 7th July 2018 at Sänna Kultuurimõis (Sänna Culture Manor) in Võrumaa in Southern Estonia. You can read more about it on the FUFF website.  



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